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Includes all four Ritual Candles – Protection, Attract, Heal and Prosper candles, plus incense.

Includes one pendulum of your choice, one pendulum mat and incense.

Includes EITHER

one Activated Protection+Favor Bracelet OR one Activated Protection+Favor Ring,

plus one Protection+Favor Soap.

Portable Spiritual Altar Sets

Are you on the road or in limited space, wishing that you had a small altar with accessories to use for invocations, mystical work, spiritual rituals, magic spells, personal reflection time, meditation, religious devotions, and more?
Shop our distinctive portable spiritual altar box sets, which have been sourced and activated by Dr. Tochi herself.
Each wooden portable spiritual alter box set comes complete with everything you need to start. You won’t find better value anywhere else!

filigree tree of life portable altar set

lotus flower portable altar set

spiritual SOAP & amulets

Do you feel the need to be cleansed and protected from negativity?
Do you need to attract more favor and success in life?
If yes, the dual-purpose spiritual cleansing soap and amulets are perfect for you.
It arrives to you already activated and ready for immediate use by Dr. Tochi. Be sure to follow usage instructions for best results.

ON SALE – ACTIVATED pendulum sets

Are you looking to find out the answers to important questions by yourself? Would you like to help others discover their fate? Then you are exactly in the right place for the right tools!
Each pendulum set (which includes the mat) has been spiritually activated for you by Dr. Tochi and is ready for immediate use once you receive it. You won’t find better value anywhere else!

spiritual ritual tools

Our authentic white chalk is ethically sourced from women artisans in West Africa. This is the original version of the common cascarilla (eggshell powder).
White chalk and athames are used for initiations, sigils, rituals, offerings, blessings, purification, mixing concoctions and more.

ACTIVATED ritual candles

Do you need a ready-made ritual candle, activated and ready for immediate use?
Our ritual candles come ready with herbs and crystals specific to their functions, as well as authentic frankincense and myrrh oil. They have been spiritually fixed by Dr. Tochi herself.
You can use these candles wherever you are and whenever you want for invocations, mystical work, spiritual rituals, magic spells, personal reflection time, meditation, religious devotions, and more.
All you have to do is set your intention or petition, light the ritual candle and wait for your results. You won’t find better value anywhere else!

Spiritual Artwork by Dr Tochi

Downloadable immediately for printing. Suitable for your sacred space, home or business.

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