White Chalk (Nzu, Efun)


White chalk for spiritual petitioning, purifying, cleansing, blessing and protecting. A little goes a long way.

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This is the original white chalk used by initiated spiritual practitioners and titled chiefs for offerings. Imported from Africa. This is not to be confused with cascara or cascarilla (powdered egg shells)! Recommended for use by spiritual practitioners or upon instruction by Dr. Tochi.

Product may have some natural discolorations, inclusions, dents, chips and/or cracks due to sourcing and manufacture, which do not affect its efficacy in any way.
By purchasing or using this product, you agree that this product is:
(1) NOT a substitute for any medical, legal, financial or other professional advice or services that may be requisite for your situation.
(2) Product is non-refundable once shipped.
(3) Product is non-returnable once purchased.
(4) Consultation prior to purchase is highly recommended to determine its suitability for your situation.

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