Spiritual Cleansing Soap (1 small tub)


This soap has been water-charged and spiritually fixed for efficacy and effectiveness. Great for controlling or eliminating spiritual body odor, protection and/or favor.

This soap is for multiple use. Contains water, African black soap, Florida cologne water, mineral oil, fragrances, salt, mica powder and non-toxic, food grade coloring. Before using this product, please test it first on a hidden skin area (such as elbow or foot). If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and immediately dispose of product. Not intended for infants or children below 18 years of age.

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Instructions for use:
(1) Bathe yourself completely with 1 tablespoon of the cleansing soap. Lather up the soap with some water.
(2) Apply to skin on your body, being careful to avoid your eyes and mouth.
(3) Say your own prayers for spiritual cleansing from your situation during its application.
(4) Thoroughly rinse off the soap from your body with clean water.
(5) Let water dry off on your skin on its own (best), or pat skin dry with towel.
(6) Get dressed – you’re all set!
(7) Keep this cleansing soap away from prolonged contact or immersion in water. Store it safely in a dry place when not in use.
(8) Use fresh cleansing soap routinely (according to your chosen schedule) to maintain your spiritual cleanliness or control spiritual body odor.

By purchasing or using this product, you agree that this product is:
(1) NOT a substitute for any medical, legal, financial or other professional advice or services that may be requisite for your situation.
(2) Product is non-refundable once shipped.
(3) Product is non-returnable once used.
(4) Consultation prior to purchase is highly recommended to determine its suitability for your situation.

Price is for one small tub of cleansing soap only – see product images. Note that the cleansing soap may appear and/or be packaged differently from displayed images.


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