Authentic Palo Santo Chips (1 oz)


If you want authentic palo santo sticks, don’t settle for the cheaper, easy to obtain cedar (or other wood) sticks soaked in palo santo oil that are frequently available these days! You are welcome to compare our sticks against others!

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If you want authentic palo santo chips, don’t settle for the cheap, easily-obtained cedar or other wood soaked in palo santo oil that are common in the market today! You are welcome to compare our chips against their sticks!

For centuries, people in South and Central America, especially shamans from Mayan and Inca civilizations, used genuine palo santo wood in rituals to honor the gods and goddesses. Its scent induces feelings of calm, inner peace, and positive energy. Additionally, they have been used to attract positive energy and cleanse an area or space of negative energy.

These palo santo chips have been sustainably harvested from mature trees in Peru and/or Ecuador. They are the natural leftovers from the preparation of palo santo sticks. Natural and pesticide-free, they contain high levels of palo santo resin.

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Here are the instructions for using the Authentic Palo Santo Chips:

  1. These authentic palo santo chips are best used with self-igniting charcoal disks. Using this method saves you the trouble of having to keep relighting the stick several times!
  2. Light one end or side of the charcoal and place it on a fire-safe incense stick holder or burner.
  3. Let the fire crackle completely through it. Be careful – it will be very hot!
  4. After the charcoal disc covered with an outer coating of white ash, place a small pile of palo santo chips on the white-hot charcoal disc. Be sure not to completely cover the hot disc over.
  5. Allow the chips to slowly light up, glow and smoulder. The sweet, fruity palo santo smoke will begin to rise.
  6. You can add fresh chips as the first ones burn down to ashes.
  7. Do not expose these chips to water.
  8. When not in use, store it safely in a dry place.
  9. To maintain a positive, energized spiritual environment, use these palo santo chips on a regular or scheduled basis.

Watch this YouTube video on how to use authentic palo santo incense for Breaking up Stagnant Energy:

Ingredients in the Authentic Palo Santo Chips:

Real frankincense resin, frankincense oil, non-toxic caking agent.

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