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Secrets of abundant living

Are you frustrated because you have no idea how to get the abundance you desire?

Get this ebook now which will provide you with practical solutions to help you achieve greatness, become successful, and become abundant!

10 ways to boost your self-confidence

Success in spirituality requires a high level of self-confidence. What can you do to ensure your self-confidence is based on psychological and spiritual principles?

Get this ebook today to learn 10 simple ways to build self-confidence that will never fade despite life challenges that may come your way.

five simple spiritual baths

Have you ever used herbs and roots to solve simple problems?

Get this ebook now to learn about some easy-to-find herbs that can assist you manage a variety of common life challenges. We describe five simple spiritual baths in detail for your immediate use. Make this part of your secret spiritual recipe book!

an immense world of animals

Get this book by Ed Yong to reinforce the knowledge you learned in my class on how to use the spiritual powers of animals (https://youtu.be/E0HKb366qgQ).

In addition to being intelligent, animals are also powerful creatures. Their ability to help, protect, and guide us depends on our willingness to let them do so. Animals communicate to us in a variety of ways, so it is essential to understand how they do so.

build your spiritual business

This book will help you know: Is running a spiritual business right for you? Do you know how to get started? Are you going to be able to attract a steady stream of customers? How do you deal with trouble?

You will find step-by-step instructions for starting your own spiritual business, as well as 100 possible spiritual enterprises to choose from. This ebook also offers recommendations for avoiding or minimizing pitfalls and challenges. You can be up and running almost immediately with this book!


If you’re looking for motivation from other people’s stories of courage and resilience, this book is for you.

To succeed in life, we must learn how to be courageous in the face of any adversity we may face. We must learn to handle each and every challenge that comes our way with spiritual wisdom, no matter whether it’s our own doing or someone else’s.

homeland nostalgia

Have you lived in the diaspora for a long time, and would like to remember some funny and interesting things about home? This is definitely the book you’ll want to get and read!

An eclectic and entertaining collection of poetry and prose based on the author’s long visit to Nigeria in 2014, this book contains nostalgic and unexpected experiences. Take a walk down memory lane with the author as you relive her experiences back home!

the adventures of oriagwa

If you enjoy stories about mischievous children, you will enjoy this book.

It is likely that you will recognize a young girl from your neighborhood or hometown in Oriagwa. The girl is spirited. The girl is curious. The girl is intrepid. She is strong-willed. With her two sidekicks by her side, no one is safe from the trio’s tricks and inventiveness!

You may have to suspend your disbelief as you follow Oriagwa’s adventures with her friends into places where compliant children would not be found!

the dreaming

If you are into poetry that is layered with meanings, then this book is for you!

This gorgeous, photo-illustrated book of divine poetry was inspired by the style of Jallaludin Rumi, the 13th century Sufi mystic, poet and professor.

In this genre of writing, the spiritual love between the soul and the Creator is couched in the language of human lovers.

It is best to appreciate this work in a quiet, meditative space where you can experience your pure, love-dance of existence with your Creator.

words for thought

Have you been looking for a short book of spiritual philosophy to add to your worldview? Then get this book.

Words for Thought is a short yet concise book that has the potential to serve as a spiritual motivation source. It combines philosophical thought with practical techniques for handling life.

Here’s a suggestion for how you can use this book: Briefly think about the dilemma or situation on which you want clarity. Open the book at random, find the relevant quote and corresponding passage that applies to you and your situation. You are meant to receive this insight.

more words for thought

This is the book to read during quiet, contemplative times. This is the follow-up book to Words for Thought.

As with its predecessor, it presents spiritual concepts and philosophies for the reader’s consideration in a short essay format.

This book can also serve as a guide. Consider your issue, open the book at random, and read what you find.

There is already an answer waiting for your recognition. The only prerequisite is an unconditional willingness, a calm focus, and an unwavering determination. That is all.

If you need a book to prompt you to remember what you need to be grateful for, then this is the book you need to get now!

A variety of topics are covered in the book, including success, prosperity, unique experiences, love, family, consciousness, children, forgiveness, and more. A detailed exploration of each topic is followed by quotes relevant to Christian, Islamic, and Hindu religious traditions.

To get you started with more gratitude ideas when you or others struggle to remember what to be grateful for, use this book!

Those of you who have followed me for a while (or who are new to me!) know that I do research the spirituality-based topics I discuss in my free YouTube classes. You can read the books I read to gain the knowledge I share, and increase your own spiritual knowledge by reading them!

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