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Do you need a spiritual aura of protection from negativity? Then our potent Protect Candle is what you need to get right now!

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Do you need a spiritual aura of protection from negativity? Then our potent Protect Candle is what you need to get right now!

Our Protect candle is expertly blended with warm notes of frankincense and myrrh which are designed to help you amplify your personal ritual experience. Each candle is dressed with obsidian crystal stones, which have been traditionally used for centuries to neutralize negative energy.

Our candles are handmade in small batches, thoughtfully developed with 100% pure, potent essential oils (not fragrance infused with essential oils), and made from 100% natural soy wax.

Due to the handmade nature of this candle, please allow for slight imperfections and color variations in each unique piece. This candle is housed in a lidded tin vessel topped with the Dr. Tochi logo. It has an estimated burn time of at least 10 hours.

We think it makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift too!

Some uses for our Protect Candle:

  • Protection from general curses, hexes or spiritual attacks.
  • Protection from negative people, thoughts and energies entering or remaining a space.
  • Protection from rumors, gossip or drama in your relationships.
  • Protection from self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.

Watch this YouTube video by Dr. Tochi as she discusses how to use candles for protection:

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Instructions for use:

  1. This candle has already been spiritually fixed for you.
  2. Set the candle on a fire-safe surface, free of any obstructions and within your view.You may also place it in a bowl of water for added safety.
  3. Trim the wood wick on the candle to 1/4 inch first (if necessary). Light the wood wick.
  4. Light the incense block, letting the flame burn for at least 10 seconds. The flame should burn down to a glow and the incense should begin to smolder.
  5. To start, call on whomever/whatever you believe in, then state your intentions/desires aloud toward the candle.
  6. You can also write your desires on a very small piece of paper and burn it on the candle.
  7. If you bought a customized candle, call upon the angel(s) on the seal to help with your intention/desire.
  8. IMPORTANT: Let the candle burn for at least one hour for the first time, until a full pool of wax completely covers the top. If you snuff it out before the complete wax pool forms, wax buildup may remain on the sides of the container.
  9. If you have to snuff the flame out before the candle burns down completely, repeat steps (5) and (6) whenever you relight it.
  10. You may keep the tin and crystals as a keepsake, or dispose in the trash.

Product includes one (1) candle.

Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing or using this product, you agree that this product is:

  1. NOT a substitute for any medical, legal, financial or other professional advice or services that may be requisite for your situation.
  2. NOT meant for use by children, minors or those with impaired capabilities.
  3. NOT for protection from immediate or threatened physical danger of any kind. Call law enforcement instead!
  4. Product is non-refundable once shipped.
  5. Product is non-returnable once purchased.
  6. Consultation prior to purchase is highly recommended to determine its suitability for your situation.
  7. We are not responsible in any manner for the use of this item after purchase, and you accept all legal responsibility for it.


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