What do YOU need to get done?

Read the description of each offer to learn more and pay. Several options for connecting with me are offered via phone and video. Due to the current pandemic, no in-person consultations are available at this time.

  • Card divination is best for guidance on everyday issues, such as relationships, business, career, life purpose, school, conflicts, &c.
  • Cowrie shell divination is best for deep spiritual issues, such as intractable problems, finding one’s elements, life purpose/destiny, guidance for religious practitioners, &c.
  • **NO REFUNDS**
  • Description: Maintenance Coaching Package.
  • Cost: $1,500 (one thousand, five hundred US dollars).
  • Book here for 3 follow-up coaching sessions after the end of your coaching package.
  • Must be used within 5 months.
  • CANNOT be used as a replacement for Group coaching, Individual coaching or Introductory Coaching.
  • Sorry, no payment plan available for this option.
  • Description: Spiritual work by Dr. Tochi and/or her team.
  • Cost: varies by requirement – minimum is $1,500 (one thousand, five hundred US dollars).
  • The button below can only be activated and booked AFTER consultation with Dr. Tochi. After consultation, you will be advised of the service cost prior to payment.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO spiritual work will be done based on self-diagnosis, hearsay, medical/health issues, and results of religious or spiritual consultations done with others. Please don’t bother arguing or getting emotional about this!
  • **NO REFUNDS**