Selenite Athame (Large, 9 inches)


This athame is to channel and direct psychic energy, and to call the quarters. It’s also used for soul tie or cord cutting rituals. 

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An athame is a double-edged dagger that is used in some mystical, neo-pagan and Wiccan rituals. Its primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, and to call the quarters. It is not to be used for any other reason, especially not to harm or draw blood or bodily fluids of any kind (which contaminates it). It requires a ritual of consecration prior to use.

This athame is made of natural selenite from Morocco.

Weight: 0.12 pounds
Length: 9 inches (tip to end)

Product may have some natural discolorations, inclusions, dents, chips and/or cracks due to sourcing and manufacture, which do not affect its efficacy in any way.

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